Make Time: How To Focus On What Matters Every Day

Make Time: How To Focus On What Matters Every Day

Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez

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Today we'll be talking about a book I read not long ago. This book talks about managing your time, and how to focus on what matters.

Whether you want get in good physical shape, learn how to code, dedicate yourself to photography, or start a YouTube channel. You need to make time for it, and you need to start today.

Getting Started Is Easier Said Than Done

Deciding to start a specific hobby or activity requires that you already know what you want to do, it has to be something that benefits you, and something that you actually like or want to do.

And that is why so many people give up exercising, getting in shape, and adopting healthier eating habits. I think we can all agree that these things are important and benefit your health, but these are also things that not everyone enjoys, and when you force yourself to do something that you don't enjoy then you will give up eventually. As simple as that.

Making Time Highlights

Nothing is perfect, there are things beyond out control, and there's other things in life that we can control, and we should. Luckily for us, time is both. We don't have general control of time, because we have a finite amount, and every single human being will run out of time eventually.

But we do have control over time in our everyday life, and have control over the small tasks that we decide to tackle. And that's where this book comes to play, Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knap & John Zeratsky

Make Time: How To Focus On What Matters Everyday By Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

In their book, Jake & John write:

“Something magic happens when you start the day with one high-priority goal”

Let's say you have a 9-5, kids, pets, chores at home, and need to dedicate time to your significant other as well. Nobody is telling you to stop doing that to make time for your hobby or passion, to sacrifice one thing for another.

But what if you just dedicate 30 minutes everyday to take some photos after work, or paint, or run, or do whatever it is that makes you happy, before the end of the day?

It does not matter how busy you claim to be, 30 minutes in a 24 hour cycle will not destroy your life. In fact, working towards something that makes you happy might actually improve it.

Let's use a second example, you have a retail job that you hate and feels meaningless. Well, first you should try to do something about it, but if your options are limited or you can't do anything for the time being, then waking up excited about a high priority goal that you will do before or after work, will improve your life and make you feel a whole lot better.

“Shifting your focus to something that your mind perceives as a doable, completable task will create a real increase in positive energy, direction, and motivation”

A doable and completable task keeps you engaged and active. If you want to be a street photographer, you don't have to spend 7 hours a day doing that, you can start with just 15-30 minutes a day. You don't need a $4000 camera, you can start with your phone or a used/second hand camera, like I suggested in the x100 review.

“You only waste time if you’re not intentional about how you spend it”

If you do decide to actually spend those 30 minutes doing what makes you happy, then it's not time wasted, that is time spent improving your craft, and doing something that makes you happy. And anything that check those boxes will never be a waste of time.

I definitely recommend this book if you haven't checked it out already, best case scenario, it will change the way you think about time, worst case scenario, is just a fun read.

My Experience

For me, it was clear that I wanted to stop regretting things, I rather try and fail, than to never try and regret it later.

And my entire creative life is based on that, that's the reason why I jumped from the film industry to photography, that's the reason why I took a year off and left everything behind and moved to Japan.

That's also the reason why I created this site, and started my YouTube channel, in hopes that I can potentially provide value to others out there thinking and feeling the same way.

I made a video about this as well, and you can watch it right here:

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