Fujifilm X100 Getting Started Guide & Setup In 2021

Fujifilm X100 Getting Started Guide & Setup In 2021

Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez

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A brief summary of my YouTube video, for the full piece watch the Video linked at the bottom of the post.

I recently did a full review of this camera, the original x100. And I noticed in the comments of the video that some of you were interested in purchasing one, and some of you recently did.

SO, if you're wondering what to do after you pick one up, setup, settings, and how to shoot with it, then this video is for you.

Before You Buy

The first couple batches of the original x100 had a manufacturing issue in the lens mechanism. Causing the aperture blades to stick. This is commonly known as the SAB issue, or STICKY APERTURE BLADE ISSUE.

That's something that they eventually corrected and improved upon. However, since you can only buy this camera used, that is something you need to check beforehand.

The most common ways to check are:

  1. Serial numbers: According to some of the info I found online, forums and whatnot, the X100's affected by SAB started with serial numbers that begin with 12, 13 or 14.

That is not always accurate, it does not mean that is guaranteed what those serials will have issues, these are just the earlier batches that were most likely to have an issue compared to newer ones.

My camera serial starts with 12, but It does not seem to have that issue, or at the very least not as noticeable like other cameras out there.

  1. Camera test: If you are buying locally, then you can perform a quick test yourself to make sure the blades don't stick.

You can take a photograph and see if the results match your settings. You can also do a visual test to make sure the blades close and open properly, the easiest way is to do a shutter test in every FStop available, at high shutters speeds and observe the aperture blades.

Do they close all the way? and do they open properly after closing?

Firmware Update

Before continuing, make sure you have the latest firmware installed, to check your current firmware, make sure you press and hold the display/back button while you turn the camera on. You should see a boot menu telling you what your current firmware number is.

If you have the latest firmware installed, great. If you don't, then make sure you go to the official Fujifilm website here and follow the easy and clear steps to download the new firmware and install it.


Setup Menu, Shooting Menu, Custom Menu, Focusing method can be found in detail on my YouTube Review

Watch It Here!

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